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Fine Jewelery

Our Jewelry are set with purely natural colorstones which are UNTREATED and come from well-known ORIGINs.
We, Burma Jars crafted our jewelry with unlimited good wishes so that the wearer feels strength, courage, and love.
You can always see the high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship in our jewelry collection.
Our priority is to create simply precious, classy, and timeless jewelry that can be one of a kind and perfect for a romantic gift.
In fact that they are precious items you could hopefully pass down to your kids as well.

Our jewelry are made in Singapore and Myanmar both to support the jewelry industry in the Singapore where we live and Myanmar where we are from.

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We love to offer you the greatest treasures of color gemstones directly from Sources such as Myanmar (Burma),Vietnam,Sri Lanka and etc,.
We, Burma Jars guarantee that every single purchase will be a seamless process from the beginning till the end.
You can choose commercial stones to high end grade rubies,sapphires,jadeite jades and spinels at reasonable and affordable prices.
In many cases, a gemstone, especially over SGD2,000, will include gemological certificate.
In other cases, we can arrange certification for a gem, usually at a nominal cost.
Even without report, the untreated conditions of all the gemstones are guaranteed.

NOTE: Untreated stones can command prices two to five times that of a treated stone depending on the level of treatment.

The ORIGIN of ruby, sapphire, and emerald (the big 3 gems) can have a big impact on its appraisal and market price.
We develop and maintain the highest possible ethical standards in our business transactions.
Therefore we describe in detail all necessary disclosure information including TREATMENT and ORIGIN in the description.

There is no hidden information and it leads to smooth trade with no room for misunderstandings.


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Burma Jars Team

Getting customers’ trust and building a reputation online is one of the most rewarding challenges for e-commerce businesses.

Customer satisfaction and reputation is our first priority and we only deal with genuine gemstones.
We expect our products and services to meet your needs and respond to your problems effectively.
You don’t just buy our product, you are also buying the customer service that we will provide after the sale.
Happy customers are the most valuable asset in our sales funnel.

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